Spine 2D Animator (Unity 2D)

The current project

Meet Project Filter, a 2D adventure/platformer metroidvania. Imagine if Hollow Knight, GRIS, and Rain World had offspring: it might look something like Project Filter. In a nutshell, we explore the themes of complex-PTSD, perception, and perspective by integrating real psychological theories and concepts into our gameplay mechanics. Our storytelling is primarily through game and world design, narrative-informing mechanics, and shifts in the environment. You can read a bit more on our The Hub profile.

We’re looking for someone who wants in on the ground floor, someone who’s gonna kill it as a team member. 🔥 🔥 Could that be you?

We are wrapping up our technical prototype for Project Filter this month. Beginning in January, we’re diving into developing our demo! 



Key Skillset

🎮 Experience working with Unity2D.

👾 Experience working with Spine 2D.

🔱Experience working on game dev team.

🐉Someone who wants to stick around to help build an epic indie studio!



Extra Nice-to-haves

🚀Actually launched a game (extra points for Steam/GOG/PSN/XBL)

🦉 Knowledge of game subject matter

🧩 Experience with other aspects of game development

🦄 Previous start-up experience

💓 Passionate about collaborative development




We Also Want Someone Who…

  • Shares our studio’s ethos and has a genuine interest in exploring topics of social and psychological importance within games.
  • Demonstrates flexibility: targets and priorities may change, deadlines may shift, and builds may break. All team members must be able to adapt to such situations and take charge where needed.
  • Is self-directed and can assign their own tasks and take initiative within their area of expertise.
  • Does not hesitate to alert the team to potential obstacles/problems, concerns, or personal situations that may impact work (e.g., if your kid keeps you up all night and you’re unsure you can function for a team meeting, tell us and take downtime).
  • Wears the team-player’s hat: as a new startup, we need companions who want to contribute to the vision of the game.

Are we right for you?

Meet the founders: Get to know Val and Korra here.

And don’t forget to check out our studio’s ethos and the rest of our fabulous team.

The position

The current position is a revshare opportunity combined with our retroactive payment scheme.

With multiple funding applications underway, we hope (but cannot guarantee) to transition this position to a full-time paid contractor position in March

Retroactive payment: We record all work hours and promise to reimburse you for your time. Payments would be made out upon securing of sufficient funding, and at increments across development and shortly after launch. Even the founders work on this scheme, but will be paid after all other team members.



For the time being, we are looking for someone who can commit about 8–10 hours a week to our project.

Spine 2D and Unity2D are required.

Candidate ideally shares either Central European or North American timezones for communication purposes.🧙🏽



Application process

Finding and snagging a new job is a stressful process, but we’ll do our best to be transparent and kind, and facilitate a smooth ride. Ask us questions. Dig into our The Hub profile. Judge whether we’ll be a good match for you.

The Process 

  1. Email hello@papercuttergames.com with your CV + cover letter + portfolio. 
  2. We aim to respond within a week, regardless of the outcome. 
  3. Short written questionnaire + video demo of your favorite animation in Spine 2D. 
  4. 1st Interview: Online video call.
  5. (Potential) 2nd Interview: Online video call.

Video demo: Send us a 2–3 min video clip in Spine showing off one of your animation projects, and discuss what you’re proud of and what you’d do differently. Clip must either include a voice over, or be accompanied by a written explanation. 


Ready to go?

Got Questions?

Send an email to korra@papercuttergames.com.


Can I apply if I’m not in Copenhagen?

Heck yes! Our team is comprised of people from all over the world, and we don’t have a physical office at the moment, so being remote is norm at PCG.

If I’m in Copenhagen, will we be meeting up in person? I’m not used to working at a completely remote studio.

Korra’s our Copenhagen resident, and she’d love to have the occasional in-person meeting, co-working day, or hangout.

Can I apply even though I don’t want a full-time position later on?

You can, as we will want to grow our animation team once we have funding. If only part-time work is something you’d consider for the long term, just let us know.

I already have a job. Can I still apply?

Sure! So long as you’d be able to jump on board in some capacity quite quickly.

What should I include in my cover letter?

Tell us why you want to work with us and not elsewhere! This is your chance to share what you’re excited about, why you think we’d be a good match, and even what some of your favorite video games are. A bit about yourself and interests can help us get to know you better.

What’s the secret password I should include in my cover letter for bonus points?

“Paper crane”. Please put it at the beginning of your letter.

What if you are denied funding?

At the end of January we are submitting applications to Det Danske Filminstitut (DFI), Moonrise Fund, and some additional game dev funds. We’re not gonna lie that getting this early funding is hella hard, but we do have industry contacts who are helping us polish our applications and showcase our game and ambitions. Worst case, we proceed with our revshare and retroactive payment agreements, and keep trudging along until we catch that cash.

What’s An indie studio is going to be funded? How can I trust that there’ll be enough money to keep me on the project?

As a studio embracing transparency and loathing the idea of payment in “exposure”, we want you to get paid. Thus, all of our funding options spreadsheets and applications are available to our team members to peruse. We know how much money each fund can offer, what investors are looking for, and are constantly improving our pitches. As in any startup, we’d be lying to say there isn’t any risk involved. But our founders (Korra and Val) have been bootstrapping the studio since October 2020, our business plan was approved by StartUp Denmark (allowing us to register in Denmark in the first place), we’re collaborating with the Danish psychologists house Cektos, and we were selected for Accelerace’s Female Founders Mentoring Program. Since we also have valuable unique selling points that will make us stand out to investors and attract publishers, we’re going to do everything we can to at least produce the demo and use that to open many more doors to funding opportunities.




Paper Cutter Games