Join Our Party?

Who the heck are we?

We’re a young indie studio here to revolutionize the gaming industry by setting a new precedent for game design alongside intensive and continued collaboration with subject matter professionals.

We’ve already been approved by StartUp Denmark to register here in Denmark, and are working in collaboration with Cektos Center for Metacognitive Therapy on our first game, which explores the theme of complex PTSD. Both our Canadian founders have years of experience as entrepreneurs, and have been working on the studio since October 2020.

With our development roots in Denmark, an extensive global network in the game industry, and potential for fast and dynamic scalability, our goal is to become one of the North Sea Region’s most notable game studios. (And eventually a global leader in producing games that leave a lasting impact and contribute to a better tomorrow.)

What we value

🏳️‍🌈❤️ Diversity (BIPOC, LGBTQIA, mental/physical disabilities) — You got it? We want it.
🌸 Wellbeing — We avoid overtime and burnout; without a healthy and functioning team, we have no game. This means NO crunch. Not even for founders.
🙃 Fun — We don’t just want our players to have fun. We want to have fun! That’s why we all got into game dev.
🐋 Productivity — 4 hours of deep focus work > 8 hours of task switching, shallow work. We want to work hard and rest hard, not have our work take over our lives.

While we are a Danish studio, our team is spread across the globe. Positions can be remote, and we’re very open to contracting with freelancers. Ultimately, we want the right people to round out our team with unique perspectives, expertise, and a passion for our project.

Current openings

🕹️ No openings right now, folk. Check back later.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

We’re always on the lookout for talent and awesome people who can help Paper Cutter Games be the best darn studio it can be. 

Apply anyway by sending an email to with your CV + cover letter + portfolio.  We’ll forward it to the right person and keep them on file if we’re interested.

You can also join our Discord to collaborate on our projects as a community member. We value feedback and the diverse perspectives of our players, and created this server as a space for our community and its voice to flourish.     

General Application process

Finding and snagging a new job is a stressful process, but we’ll do our best to be transparent and kind, and facilitate a smooth ride. Ask us questions. Dig into our The Hub profile. Judge whether we’ll be a good match for you. 

The Process 

  1. Apply with required materials. 
  2. Get a response within 2 weeks, regardless of the outcome. 
  3. Short exercise (tailored to position).
  4. 1st Interview: Online video call.
  5. (Potential) 2nd Interview: Online video call.

Got Questions?

Send an email to



Can I apply if I’m not in Copenhagen?

Heck yes! Our team is comprised of people from all over the world, and we don’t have a physical office at the moment, so being remote is norm at PCG.

If I’m in Copenhagen, will we be meeting up in person? I’m not used to working at a completely remote studio.

Sephone’s our Copenhagen resident, and she’d love to have the occasional in-person meeting, co-working day, or hangout. 

Can I apply for part-time work or only full-time?

Depends on the position, but we’re open to negotiating work loads for the right candidates. 

I already have a job. Can I still apply?


What should I include in my cover letter?

Tell us why you want to work with us and not elsewhere! This is your chance to share what you’re excited about, why you think we’d be a good match, and even what some of your favorite video games are. A bit about yourself and interests can help us get to know you better.

What’s the secret password I should include in my cover letter for bonus points?

“Paper crane”. Please put it at the beginning of your letter. 


Paper Cutter Games